How it works?

The cardholder is authenticated with a fingerprint biometrics in addition to PIN or password to access data stored within the secure element, also known as three-factor authentication. 

SAIDCard provides a Single Card authentication solution for:

–   Physical and Network access featuring a cryptographic secure element


–   Accessing gates, doors, computers, network and cloud securely

–   Providing physical and cyber security through multifactor authentication


–   PKI based authentication, digital signature and encryption

– Optimized performance for faster physical access using digital certificates​

Why SAIDCard?

The benefits to the public and private sector provided by Biometric Smart Cards is immense. Compared to the Conventional Magnetic Stripe Cards or Basic RFID Smart Cards, Biometric Smart Cards offer increased security, convenience, and economic advantages. Reducing fraud, Identity Theft, and having the potential to issue one card to access diverse networks is key.


– Single Card, Multi-applications

– Easy to implement

– Very low implementation costs (no terminal needed)

– Easy personnel training

– Suitable during emergencies or when a quick identification is needed